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Becoming the Best You – Ten Pressure Points That Lead to a Successful Life – by Christine McLean – Review


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Becoming the Best You takes you on a journey through discovering the best ways to make the most of your life. Some of the best things in life, such as diamonds, are produced in moments of strain and pressure. Similarly, placing pressure on certain areas of your life can catapult you into positive beginnings. Why wait for your life to change when you can make that change yourself? Christine is an ordinary person determined to do extraordinary things. Her experiences, observations and research have given her the knowledge base to craft the content of this book. The ten pressure points she outlines present vivid descriptions that will force you to reflect and make strides towards improving your life. They will also challenge you to make some tough decisions and re-evaluate your life. Are you ready to become the best you?

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I am so glad to be able to review this ebook. I had no idea that I will actually end up helping myself! God knows I am a pessimistic person by nature and negative thoughts incubate in my mind in far greater number than positive thoughts. I have read a lot of self-help books but nothing like this. The solutions presented here are actually viable for ordinary people like me and not some esoteric mumbo-jumbo that only professional psychiatrists would understand.  The anecdotes included in this ebook are especially helpful because they not only tell you about how a lot of famous names had once struggled hard and failed miserable many times before becoming the household names that they now are, but also of ordinary people who did not let even multiple failures get in the way of their dreams and eventually found success in their own niches!

In the opinion of the author (and I agree with her now) failures are not absolutes; rather, they are just like any other ailment which can be cured with proper strategies (no, you don’t need to spend several hundreds of dollars on prescription drugs). There are self-help exercises at the end of each chapter throughout the ebook: I personally suggest you print them all out: they are very important, especially the one on goal-setting.

In short, I would recommend this ebook to anyone who is down in the dumps.

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5 stars

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