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Email has become increasingly unreliable in recent years which is why we have setup this helpdesk in order to serve our customers better.

IMPORTANT: To save your time, we would recommend you check the Frequently Asked Questions first to see if your question has already been answered. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are contacting us for the first time, please read this page entirely to ensure quality support, otherwise please click here to go directly to our support desk!

Average support response time: While we try our best to reply to all your queries within 24-48 hours, it may take us longer to respond in case of certain complex situations. Note also that if our timezones vary widely then that could also affect the support ticket response time. FYI the majority of our support staff is located in India and you can click here to check the current local time there! Thus if you don’t receive an immediate response from us please be patient and we SHALL get back to you!

What to Do to Make Sure that You Get Our Support Ticket Notifications: We make every possible attempt to make sure you are notified by email as soon as one of our support staff replies to your support ticket. However, it is inevitable that some of these notification emails may get trapped in your spam filters or land in your junk/spam folders. Thus, if you don’t receive a response from us within a reasonable timeframe, please log back into our helpdesk using your ticket ID and email address to check the status of the ticket!

If You Use a AOL/Hotmail/MSN email address, you may NOT receive support ticket notifications. To avoid issues, we suggest that you either use a Gmail or Yahoo mail email address. If you have a different non-free email address (such as your company email address, ISP address, or business contact address) you can use that too!

ESPECIALLY FOR BILLING-RELATED QUESTIONS: Please be sure to include your transaction ID/order ID as well as the email you used for ordering our product (note that if you paid us by Paypal then this email would be same as your Paypal primary email)!

ESPECIALLY FOR TECHNICAL-SUPPORT QUESTIONS: If you are contacting us regarding our Desktop-based softwares, please mention your system specs in the helpdesk ticket. You can find this information at Start=>Program=>Accessories=>System Tools=>System Information=>System Summary

If you are contacting regarding a server-side script, please provide information on the following in the ticket:

PHP version:
MYSQL version:
Control Panel Type (is it Cpanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin/Webmin?):

If you are not 100% sure regarding the above, just contact your webhost/system admin to get the required information!

Now that you have understood it all, just click here to open a support ticket and our staff will get back to you within 1-2 business days!


If for some reason, you are unable to use the helpdesk, please send an email to: