5 ways to invest your pension fund according to your risk profile:

5 ways to invest your pension fund according to your risk profile:

If you are planning to withdraw your pension fund, you should know that there are several options, according to the risk you want to take. The certain thing is that each person will give the user that considers pertinent and everything will depend on the profile of risk that they have, that is to say, of how much they are arranged to risk in the use of that money. For the different profiles, there are five options:

Less risky:

1. Put the money in a deposit for pension: With this option is limited to save money and live on the interests that produce.

Moderate risk:

2. Invest a part in an established business: A prudent investment you can make is in a business that is already in operation and that is looking for expansion or to enlarge its operations. The idea is to place a part of your money there and the other, in a pension deposit that pays monthly interest. 3. Acquire some property or cancel debts with a percentage of your funds: If you seek to acquire some property, you can allocate a part of the money for that, and keep the remainder in a pension deposit. Remember that you can also use the money to pay off the debts you have, thus avoiding interest payments which are generally higher than what the savings can provide. Another option is a 2019 medicare supplement plan F.

4. Make the trip of your dreams: There is nothing wrong with spending a portion of your funds, as long as you make the correct calculations. Encourage yourself to make that trip that you could not do because you are working, and keep the rest of the money in an account that pays good interest.


5. Investing most in a new business: Allocating money to new business will always be a greater risk than investing in an established one, and more if you use most of your money in that.

6. Invest most in the purchase of a property: Remember that when you withdraw your pension funds, it means that you no longer have a pension that is granted monthly so if you do not have other income, you will have to live on those funds, so it is not very convenient to spend everything on one thing, even if it is a house. If you choose to keep your money in a pension deposit, be sure to get the best possible rate for them, as that will help the money you receive monthly to increase.