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I love reading books and ebooks, particularly those that are coming-of-age. On this website, however, I am only reviewing ebooks. If you are interested, I can provide you with an honest, insightful and balanced review. If I have piqued your interest, please continue reading…

a) I cannot guarantee a 100% positive review but I also don’t post negative reviews. The rating for your ebook may vary between 3 – 5 stars.

b) I won’t be posting the review on Goodreads or iTunes.

c) I will post the review on up to 3 websites of your choice (except iTunes and Goodreads)

d) I don’t review ebooks longer than 350 pages.

e) Your ebook must be either FREE or you must email me the ebook file in any of the following formats: .pdf, .epub, rtf, .doc, .docx, .mobi, etc. Alternatively you can send me a gift certificate/coupon to enable me to buy the ebook through I don’t have a KDP Unlimited account as I am not from USA.

f) You should give me at least one week to finish the review. If it takes longer then I will let you know

g) I will charge you $5 to compensate for my time. As much as I would like to read and review ebooks for free, my busy life doesn’t really permit that kind of luxury.  Besides, even though this token payment is not much, it is one great way to weed out the "bad authors" out there (plus it pays for my hosting). Again, please don’t expect 100% glowing reviews just because you are paying me. I do not like highly-demanding authors who want to dictate reviewers as to the kind of reviews THEY want.

h) I accept the following genres at the moment:

1.            Biography

2.            Business

3.            Chick-lit

4.            Children’s

5.            Christian

6.            Classics

7.            Contemporary

8.            Cookbooks

9.            Crime

10.          Erotica

11.          Fantasy

12.          Gay & Lesbian (LGTB)

13.          Historical fiction

14.          Horror

15.          Humor & Comedy

16.          Memoir

17.          Mystery

18.          Non-fiction

19.          Paranormal

20.          Psychology

21.          Religion

22.          Romance

23.          Science fiction

24.          Self help

25.          Suspense

26.          Spirituality

27.          Thriller

28.          Travel

29.          YA

i) For legal reasons I will add the following to the review: "I received this ebook in exchange of an honest review"

j) Once I have completed reviewing your ebook I will send you screenshots of the reviews posted.

k) I reserve the right to refuse any title I want (in which case I will also refund your payment).

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