I am an ebook reviewer (obviously). My reviews are often insightful and I highlight all the positive and negative aspects of the ebook. I review all kinds of books (except tech-related books) and here is why: it is true that not all books appeal to me equally, but that has little to do with genre, as I have found out after reading lots of books. That is why I don’t like to limit myself to any one genre. My liking or disliking a particular book usually depends on the writing style of the author as well as many other things such as character development, plot, dialogs etc. Especially, a certain kind of "WOW" factor has to be present in the book for me to award it 5 stars (I wish I could explain it any better).

If you are an author, please don’t send me any review request. I don’t accept review requests from authors because I have little spare time, thanks. You are however free to look at many of the affordable traffic and promotion solutions I offer for indie book authors.