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If you are sick and tired of badly written, rehashed, poor quality private label content, or if you think that all plr content is bad, then try for a change.

Unlike some of the other plr content sites out there, the articles are NOT written by cheap, non-English speaking content writers. The content is written either by me - someone who has been writing at for a long time, or quality writers who usually hail from the USA, UK or Canada. Not only that; I also make sure that the content is well-researched and authentic.

You get:

a) Quality and informative content (how many times have you received quality plr content?)

b) Articles written in standard article word length (usually 400-600 words or more)

c) Very little competition (remember that only 75 licenses will be sold, and I can predict that out of those 75 license holders, only a few people will actually do anything with the plr)

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